Reinforcement PET Anti-crack geocomposite for road rehabilitation

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Reinforcement PET Anti-crack geocomposite for road rehabilitation Anti-crack geocomposite43.jpg   PET Anti-crack geocomposite is PET geogrid reinforcing geotextile,it’s a flexible, composite reinforcement grid comprising polyester grid combined with an ultra light nonwoven geotextile. Coated with bitumen, this composite creates a strong bond with asphalt that allows its tensile strength and distribute loads over a greater area. It’s the best solution for reflective cracking. There is one significant enhancement compared to the regular geogrid products: the non-woven fabric layer is saturated with bitumen in order to provide an effective moisture barrier.
  Feature • High temperature resistance • High installation safety through good bonding of the composite product with the substrata. • Melting installation and ensures very good layer bonding. • Long-term dynamic load-carrying capability • High resistance to the mechanical damage • High flexibility and adaptability simplify laying • Resistant to installation damage
Type Item No. Tensile Strength Elongation Mesh Size Width
MD CD (%) (mm*mm) (m)
PET  Anti-crack Geocomposite PGR5050 50 50 10 5-50 1--5
PGR8080 80 80 10 5-50 1--5
PGR100100 100 100 10 5-50 1--5
PGR120120 120 120 10 5-50 1--5
PGR150150 150 150 10 5-50 1--5
PGR200200 200 200 10 5-50 1--5  
Anti-crack geocomposite (1).jpg   Plastic Geogrid 详情页_看图王90.jpg  

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